Seychelles IBCs


Based on annual registrations, the Seychelles IBC is one of the most popular offshore companies worldwide. IBCs are incorporated under the International Business Companies Act 2016, which replaced the International Business Companies Act 1994. Seychelles IBC competitive advantages include:



  1. Value for money – US$100 incorporation fee payable to the Registrar (irrespective of the amount of the company’s authorised share capital) and US$100 renewal fee payable annually to the Registrar;
  2. Speed of incorporation and delivery – same day incorporations;
  3. Privacy and asset protection no filing with the Registrar, and no public access to, details of shareholders or beneficial owners;

  4. Ease of administration no requirement for preparation, audit or filing of annual accounts;

  5. Ease of operation – a minimum of 1 director and 1 shareholder, who may be a non-resident individual or body corporate; no AGM requirement and meetings of directors and members may be held outside Seychelles, including by telephone or other electronic means;
  6. Exempt from Seychelles tax other than an annual renewal fee of US$100'

  7. Ease of succession – No Seychelles court order or probate is required on the death of a foreign shareholder (unless the deceased shareholder also owned real estate in Seychelles);

  8. Stable and independent country – Seychelles has good political stability and a democratically elected government.



Features summary

  • Minimum number of shareholders: 1
  • Corporate shareholders permissible: yes
  • Seychelles resident shareholder requirement: no
  • An IBC must keep a Register of Members at its registered office.
  • Filing of shareholder details with the Registrar: no
  • Public access to shareholder details: no
  • An IBC must keep Register of Beneficial Owner at its registered office.
  • Filing of beneficial owner details with the Registrar: no
  • Public access to beneficial owner details: no
  • Minimum number of directors: 1
  • Corporate directors permissible: yes
  • Seychelles resident director requirement: no
  • An IBC must keep a Register of Directors at its registered office. A copy Register of Directors must be filed with the Registrar.
  • Public access to director details: no
  • Requirement to keep accounting records: yes
  • Requirement to file annual accounts: no
  • Audit requirement: no
  • Publicly accessible accounts: no
  • An IBC must have a registered office and licensed Registered Agent in Seychelles, which attends to document filings and acts as a contact point for service.
  • An IBC must lodge with its Registered Agent an annual return (which is not filed with Registrar).
  • An IBC is not permitted to carry on business in Seychelles (limited statutory exceptions include maintaining records and a bank account in Seychelles, holding company meetings, and engaging local advisors, etc).



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