Seychelles IBCs

Seychelles international business companies (IBCs) are incorporated under the International Business Companies Act 2016 (the Act), which replaced the International Business Companies Act 1994. The Act provides an attractive, comprehensive and robust framework for the operation of IBCs as vehicles for cross-border business.

In an increasingly globalised world in which corporate groups or families may reside or carry on business or hold assets in multiple countries, IBCs offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for holding and protecting investments or for conducting business. IBCs have long been a popular choice among users of global business companies.

Value & Speed

Competitive incorporation and annual fees payable to the Registrar.

Same or next day incorporations

Privacy & Asset Protection

The names of an IBC’s directors, shareholders and beneficial owners are not publicly-accessible. An IBC is a legal entity in its own right separate from its members. In the absence of fraud or bad faith, a director is generally not liable for an IBC’s debts.

No Tax on Foreign Income

A Seychelles resident, including an IBC, is liable for Seychelles tax on Seychelles-sourced income but is not generally liable to Seychelles tax on foreign-sourced income or profit.

Ease of Operation

An IBC must have a minimum of one director and one shareholder, who may be a non-resident individual or company; there is no AGM requirement; meetings of directors and members may be held outside Seychelles, including by telephone or other electronic means.

Ease of administration

There is no requirement under the Act for an IBC to appoint an auditor or to file annual accounts with the Seychelles Government (unless the IBC earns Seychelles-sourced income), but an IBC is required to keep reliable accounting records.

Ease of Succession

No Seychelles court order or probate is required on the death of a foreign individual shareholder of an IBC, unless the deceased shareholder owned Seychelles real estate.