Seychelles Trusts


Seychelles international trusts (Seychelles trusts) are provided for by the Trusts Act 2021, which replaced the International Trusts Act 1994. A Seychelles trust is a legal arrangement created when the owner of assets (the settlor) transfers ownership of those assets to a trustee to hold and administer under the terms of a trust deed for the benefit of beneficiaries or for a specified purpose.


Trusts are commonly used by to hold investments such as company shares, bonds and real estate or as part of a family office structure.

Wealth Protection

On transferring assets to a Seychelles trust (through its trustee), the settlor ceases to own those assets and they become trust assets which (in the absence of fraud) are protected from attack by the settlor’s personal creditors.

Succession planning

Trusts enable the settlor to make outside estate succession arrangements for the distribution of trust assets to one or more beneficiaries after the settlor’s death and without involving the settlor’s will, executors or probate formalities.


A Seychelles trust is not subject to Seychelles taxation on its foreign income or profits.


There is no requirement to file the trust deed (instrument creating the trust) with the Seychelles Financial Services Authority. Details of a Seychelles trust’s settlor, beneficiaries and any protector are not publicly accessible.


A trust deed may (but are not required to) reserve to a protector certain rights, such as the right to approve the appointment or removal of trustees or beneficiaries.